Creative ideas for corporate gifts

Creative ideas for corporate gifts

12th October 2023

With so much marketing spend now devoted to digital media, is there still a place for promotional products in the marketing mix?  The answer, according to James Leach, is a resounding yes.



As managing director of family owned Impress Ipswich, based at Masterlord’s Epsilon House, James knows that companies recognise the value of tangible promotional products to connect with their target audience.  This is branded merchandise given by companies to existing or potential clients or staff.

Impress are endlessly creative, with a range of products that is truly impressive and a fulfilment service offering clients direct despatch of gifts to their clients.

“It’s not just about having a wide selection of good quality promotional goods,” says James Leach. “We aim to make the process as seamless as possible, including distributing gifts worldwide. Sustainability is important too, whether it’s a metal sports bottle, clothing, or a boxed gift set.”

The flexibility offered at Epsilon House was a game-changer for Impress. When they needed more space, the Masterlord team built a door through to an adjoining office so they had a large store room and a production facility for digital printing, right next to the main office. 

“We looked at other locations, but Epsilon House is a brilliant place to work, it’s got everything we need. We love it here and, if we need to expand, there’s flexibility to do that without moving,” adds James.  

The family-owned business was started by James’ father and mother in 2001, with their own production facilities. They started sourcing the best products from all over the world and, when his father retired, James took over the business. They moved to Epsilon House in 2021 and have continued to grow.

Useful branded merchandise is designed to inspire people to select that business over its competitors, or remind them of the brand so they choose it in future. Usually, those free products have a practical use that remains in a customer’s office for many months – more effective than transient advertising or social media, adding value to the marketing mix. 

Working with local councils, schools and universities, events and conferences, charities and festivals gives the company a wider knowledge of what works in different markets.  

The power of positive messaging can be an integral part of the product, or printed on it.  The team works with clients to design or find the right products, providing a personal service that builds a relationship for returning business. From keyrings and button badges to pens, notebooks, bottles and sporks (try one, they’re brilliant!) and custom-designed high-end products, Impress pride themselves on sourcing the perfect promotional gift for any company. 


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