How to Set Up Your New Office

How to Set Up Your New Office

15th February 2021

If you’re taking the next step in the growth of your small business by moving into your own office space, you might need a little help setting it up. The good news is that we’re here to provide a few top tips. We’re going to cover everything from office layout to health and wellbeing to help you set up your office with productivity and safety in mind.


Setting up your office the right way


There’s no single right way to set up your office. It all depends on the type of business you run and how you like to work. What is important though, is that you give it some serious thought and try to find a flexible solution that works well for you. 


Even with a small office and a handful of employees, the office environment can dramatically impact the productivity, efficiency and culture of you and your team, as well as your general wellbeing at work. Your workspace can even influence your ability to attract new talent, which is why it’s so important that you get it right.


1. Office layout


Before you think about anything else, you should plan your office layout to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible.

  • Organise the office to reduce the time you need to spend moving about.
  • Make sure equipment and files that you’ll use regularly are within easy reach.
  • Plan the space so that employees who need to collaborate are next to each other.
  • Decide whether you’ll have an open floor plan to encourage team working or more private spaces where employees can work individually.
  • Think about whether you’ll have visitors to the office, where they’ll sit and if you’ll need a separate meeting space.



2. Furnishing your office


At Masterlord Office Village, our air-conditioned offices come with an optional choice of office furniture. However, if you’d prefer to furnish your office yourself, you should start with a minimum amount of furniture and equipment to maximise space and reduce clutter, and only add to it when there’s an essential item that you need. To start with, you will need:


  • Standard desks and chairs with adjustable height and back support. 
  • Multi-functional storage solutions, for example, desks with drawers, to maximise space
  • A recycling bin and rubbish bin.
  • A whiteboard to help to keep you and the team on the track.
  • Computer equipment and any other office hardware. That can include everything from a photocopier and scanner to postal scales and a franking machine if you send products out to customers.


At Masterlord Office Village, every other requirement is catered for. We have breakout areas complete with comfortable seating and fully equipped kitchen areas and meeting rooms. That helps to keep your office furniture requirements to a minimum.



3. Health and wellbeing


Don’t underestimate how much your workspace can impact the productivity of your small business. One study found that workplace design had a consistent influence on workers’ performance, increasing productivity by as much as 25%. But as well as productivity, your workplace can also impact on your team’s health and wellbeing. Your office should:


  • Be well ventilated and get plenty of natural light. 
  • Have adequate lighting to reduce the risk of eye strain, tiredness and headaches.
  • Be a comfortable temperature of around 20 degrees celsius.
  • Include a plant or two if possible – office plants can prevent fatigue and increase overall wellbeing by as much as 15%.



4. Covid considerations    


There are several steps you can take to make your workplace Covid-secure during the pandemic. That includes keeping your office clean and well ventilated and adhering to social distancing. 


At Masterlord Office Village, we monitor the temperature of everyone coming into the building at reception, provide enhanced disinfecting and cleaning of all shared areas and respect the recommended 2-metre social distancing. If you need a larger workspace to adhere to workplace safety guidelines, our flexible contracts allow you to upsize on a temporary or permanent basis.


Workspaces to suit every need


Whether you want a workspace that allows you to grow or an office that’s ready and waiting to move into, you’ll find it here at Masterlord Office Village. Just check our availability online or get in touch to discuss your workplace requirements with our team. 

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