13th July 2021

Famous authors J K Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Arthur Conan Doyle all created gripping stories, and all preferred to write their manuscripts using a fountain pen. 

Roy van den Brink-Budgen started collecting fine pens, starting with just five, before discovering that there was a business opportunity. He went on to found Izods and created an international business with clients in 38 countries, based at Epsilon House. With a background in the wine trade, he compares that business with pen collecting as both are filled with hugely passionate people. 

Fine fountain pens such as Montblanc – Roy’s specialty – are popular as graduation or special event gifts, lasting decades.  But it’s the collectors, from Indonesia and the Middle East to the USA, Peru and the UK, who drive the market, with some having pen collections worth millions. There are similarities between collecting pens and watches, according to Roy, but pens are more accessible.

‘There’s a real pleasure in ownership of a handmade fountain pen: the materials, craftsmanship, design and aesthetic are all important.  There are stories behind most of the pens, particularly Montblanc who create series of pens linked to famous authors, President Kennedy, even the Beatles.  Now I’ve created my own range of Izods Paradigm fountain pens, made in Italy of ebonite in five different colours, that are proving very successful.”    

Roy van den Brink-Budgen, Izods


A glance through the huge range of pens offered by Izods (izods.ink) is to enter a world of beautiful, hand-crafted writing implements.  Opening a specially designed box could reveal a Montblanc 149 Blue Hour Skeleton, one of their flagship pens.  Or a rare, beautiful 1950’s pen made of celluloid.  

Preloved pens are hugely popular, as there is a flourishing market. Roy is perfectly placed with his international connections to find exactly what a collector is looking for.  Seeking that special gift, a Montblanc Year of the Golden Dragon 2000 limited edition fountain pen could be yours for £2595. But there are also pens priced at less than £200 or a distinctive Izods Paradigm pen, which took 18 months to develop and has an 18k nib, for £400.

“Moving into a serviced office at Epsilon House after working from home introduced me to a business community like no other, with everything onsite.  I have friends who work at Epsilon House, and the package collection and delivery service at reception works perfectly for me.”

Roy van den Brink-Budgen

Find out more at izods.ink or on Instagram: @izods_pens. 

Contact Roy van den Brink-Budgen: hello@izods.ink or call 01473 935704 

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