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The Infra-red Camera, Temperature Checks and our Front Desk Jokes

By Masterlord Estates,

Here at Masterlord, it’s our priority to ensure our tenants are happy and safe as they return to work. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile and installed extra measures to protect against COVID-19.

Our infra-red camera, installed at the reception of Epsilon House, checks your temperature as you enter; many of our tenants have voiced that they feel we are doing all we can to make the building as safe as possible.

Swift and painless, a short pause is all that is needed, and your temperature flashes up within seconds.

Smart technology that can tell your temperature accurately even if you ran or cycled into work.

Some people smile as they peer into the lens, others pull a funny face, a few ask if they are too hot and must go home.

It has morphed into part of our morning script, a shared joke as to whether you can enter the building; so far no one has needed to be turned away.

It does make a guess at your age though and is not always correct (so don’t take this personally!). One doesn’t mind when it takes years off but when it adds years on…The one small downside to this amazing piece of technology.