Window Film Centre

Window Film Centre

17th January 2022

When Nils Hansen walked into the original Masterlord Estates office next to the café back in 2005, he needed premises for his window filming business. Having outgrown his original site in Martlesham he felt that he needed to be nearer to his car dealership customers.

“They said ‘Come and have a look at this’, and showed me plans for new units at K-Line House.”  Now, more than 15 years later, the hugely successful Window Film Centre has grown to many times its original size and is one of Masterlord’s longest-standing tenants.

“I was able to specify exactly what I needed for the business and the EasyLet agreement made it a simple process with no legal fees.  We like the atmosphere here, it’s a great place to work, well maintained and we’re close to our local dealer customers plus the A12 and A14,” added Nils.

Another plus for Window Film Centre was the ability to add more office or workshop space as they expanded, and plenty of parking.

Nils looks after sales and marketing, while his highly experienced team (some of whom have been with him since the company’s inception), look after the commercial and residential window filming projects, and their other markets of automotive and prestige Fairline motor yachts.

In schools and offices, where sun streams through windows that often don’t open, rooms overheat. Window filming is more effective at blocking heat plus cheaper and cleaner than blinds – and more hygienic.  It also saves energy. A lot of building contractors turn to the Window Film Centre as the experts in retrofitting suitable film, which lasts more than 20 years.

New build properties have excellent insulation and often underfloor heating. Combined with lots of glazing allowing in sunlight the interiors can get hot even in winter and incredibly uncomfortable in summer. Retro fitting an external window film can prevent this from happening


“Sunlight will damage furniture, fabrics and artwork,” explains Nils. “But no developer puts film on the windows, so it’s down to the owner and that’s where we can help.” Conservatories are also a popular place to add window film, to control temperature.

The automotive window tinting and paint protection film part of the business sees an impressive range of luxury and high performance cars arriving at the Masterlord workshop, where skilled technicians fit film to each customer’s specification. It’s one of the most challenging parts of their work, requiring absolute precision. This same dedication to quality is undertaken on all their clients cars be it a 30year old Land Rover Defender or a Vauxhall Corsa. They are all equally important to us says Nils

For luxury Fairline motor yachts, the Window Film Centre team heads for Oundle, where the boats are built, plus at their Ipswich Sea Trials Centre and even to a marina anywhere in Europe to retrofit window tinting either on or out of the water!

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