It’s all about data..

It’s all about data..

26th October 2022

Connectivity is at the heart of business, more today than ever. We’re used to digital communication through video conferencing, email and chat apps: they’re fast, secure and collaborative. Secure, resilient data storage and transfer is also vital, whether it’s onsite, hosted or in the cloud.

We talked to two experts in the internet and telecom world, Comms Unite joint CEOs Nick Shaw and Leo Elward, about new developments, fresh challenges and cyber security. Based at BT’s Adastral Park near Ipswich, they’re on a campus packed with cutting edge innovation.

Their company provides managed IT and telecom solutions for Masterlord Office Village and continues to support the constantly changing business.

“We provide solutions, working in partnership with our clients to learn what they need and to ensure that all the protection and data recovery is in place, so their systems are secure.

“We’re always looking at new technology so we can advise customers on what’s right for their business, giving them the best network and hardware speeds. We have data centres for backup in London and Suffolk and automate many processes to make everything easier.”

In a world where USB sticks are banned by some companies for security reasons, data security should be a key priority for any business. Security breaches are a constant threat and keeping on top of cyber security is part of Comms Unite’s mission to protect their customers. With chip and hardware shortages in the news, it’s sometimes a challenge to satisfy demand.

“Being part of a technology hub at Adastral Park since 2014 gives us an advantage, we have excellent relationships with suppliers and networks.  We work hard to understand every customer’s business so we can be creative in providing comms solutions that work for them, and to make systems intuitive. We bring everything together.”

Some businesses are unsure of what they need.  That’s why the Comms Unite team analyses every element to offer bespoke solutions and reduce costs: it’s the core of their customer service.

“As long as you’re running a computer or using a phone, you’re a customer. We provide unified solutions, often working with in-house IT departments. It’s all about flexibility and being able to scale up as business needs change. We always say: The answer’s yes,  what’s the question?”

Comms Unite joint CEOs Nick Shaw and Leo Elward

Masterlord Office Village offers a range of IT and communications services, both to standalone units and in Epsilon House, in partnership with Comms Unite. We provide 1 hour free set up and a guaranteed 4 hour response to any issue. Phone bundles with inclusive minutes from £18.50.

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