2PointZero Celebrate their 3rd birthday!!

2PointZero Celebrate their 3rd birthday!!

25th April 2018

TwoPointZero Celebrated their 3rd Birthday. Heres what they had to say:


‘We kind of missed our own birthday, but TwoPointZero is now 3 (and a bit) years old.
The business has really come on this year, we’ve picked up lots of new customers, improved and evolved the services we offer and got into this year’s Future50.
We’re really proud of what the business has become and what it is doing.
When we set up the business, one of the things we identified was a frustration and lack of trust in the small business IT sector between IT companies and their clients. We’re extremely proud of the relationships that have been built between us and our clients, our customer retention rate and that we feel part of a community where we are all more like friends than just suppliers and customers. Working with our customers and having that trusting relationship with them makes running the business and working with them more of a pleasure than work in a lot of ways.
Another thing that was very important to the culture we wanted to create was to have a motivated and positive team environment. It would be difficult to achieve a good relationship with our customers and a high quality of work without this. We have a wonderful, collaborative environment where everyone gets on, progresses and problems are dealt with in a positive way, this enables the team and the business to continuously improve and permanently fix problems. Our first employee who joined us two and a half years ago as an apprentice is still with us, always progressing and a highly valued member of the team. We have a new apprentice now who has developed so much in all areas since he started, we are very proud of him. We have some fantastic people working with us, both full time and in business to business relationships, it is exactly the kind of environment we wanted to build and be a part of.
Our network of suppliers, customers and contacts is fantastic. We work mostly with small to medium sized businesses in the local area. If you watch the news at the moment, the climate is often one of uncertainty and negativity, but in our day to day work, in the reality of things with the businesses and people we work with, it is inspirational to see everyone working so hard and building innovative businesses which provide fantastic products and services. It is a pleasure to work with each and every one of our customers and to play a part in their success and for them to play a part in our success.
In our forth year that we are a little bit into now, we want to expand further whilst maintaining all that we stand for. We hope to double the size of the team this year. We believe that utilising IT and Systems in a positive, secure and well managed way is the key to give a business the efficiency and competitive egde to succeed in todays business environment, whatever the challenges.
We’d like to say a massive and very heartfelt thank you to everyone in the team at TwoPointZero, all our suppliers and our fantastic customers.’
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