5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an Office

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an Office

2nd February 2021

As a freelancer or startup business, working from home might be the obvious choice. After all, it’s a space you’re already paying for and the commute involves rolling out of bed and putting on some clothes (maybe). However, as your business starts to grow, you’re likely to find that working from home has its limitations. In that case, a serviced office could be just what you need. 


Despite the fact that a large part of the workforce is going remote, serviced offices are thriving. Here, with contributions from some of the members of the Masterlord community, are five reasons why.



Accessibility for customers, clients and suppliers


While your house is a great place to live and raise a family, it’s not quite so well suited to growing a business. An important part of scaling a business is being able to meet prospective clients and suppliers in-person. Inviting them to your home or a local coffee shop will not necessarily create the most professional first impression.


At Masterlord Office Village, you’ll not only have your own high-quality commercial premises, but you’ll also be able to use our on-site meeting and conference rooms to show that you run a credible, trustworthy business.


“Masterlord makes it really easy for us to run our business, with a team that is always friendly and helpful and brings a quality of service to our company. Our office is modern and spacious making it the perfect place for working and meeting our clients. Excellent breakout areas for hosting meetings and gaining refreshments brings an added bonus to be part of the Masterlord Estates.” Jules Gregory – Cerebrum Systems Ltd



Protecting your work-life balance


In terms of ease, nothing can beat working from home. However, the lack of separation between your personal and working life can cause problems. Studies have shown that when working from home, people tend to work longer hours. One study found that 40% of remote workers were doing longer hours, while 21% were struggling to switch off from work. 


The truth is that while many of us bemoan the commute, that physical distance between work and home helps us to switch off from work, relax and focus our attention on enjoying our time with our families. 



Networking and collaborating with fellow business owners


One of the greatest benefits of a serviced office is the ability to network and collaborate with business owners in the same position as you. There’ll often be businesses in similar or complementary industries in the same building. They can recommend you to their clients and may even be interested in the products or services you provide themselves. 


To help you make the most of those networking opportunities, we provide communal breakout areas and kitchen facilities on each floor. There are also business lounges and hot-desking areas as well as our on-site café where you can meet likeminded business owners over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake (restrictions permitting of course!).



Having a dedicated space for work


With a serviced office at Masterlord Office Village, you’ll have everything you need to work efficiently. You’ll have superfast broadband, all the office furniture you need, a fully-staffed reception desk, a kitchen and breakout area, cleaning and maintenance services, meeting rooms, networking spaces and even a professional call answering facility if you need one.  


Compare that to the average home office, with wires all over the place, 5-day old mugs of tea, constant distractions, the dog barking outside and the kids banging at the door. It’s easy to see why serviced offices are so popular.      



Allowing your business to scale


Making the move to a serviced office will give your business the room it needs to scale. Your business will appear more credible to clients and customers and the prospect of working for you will be more appealing to new hires. With our flexible agreements, you’ll also be able to upsize and downsize whenever necessary, so you’ll only pay for the space you need. 


“Masterlord Estates is fantastic to run your business from. Everything you need in one place. From meeting rooms to the café down the road,  and let’s not forget the fantastic staff that work in Epsilon house who are more than happy to assist when needed.” Leigh Meadows – Red Oak Taverns


Take your next step with Masterlord Office Village


Ready to find out why your business needs a shared office? Then check our availability or get in touch to discuss your workspace requirements with our team.    

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