A passion to help people

A passion to help people

18th November 2021

Helping other people is the lifelong passion of registered paramedic and operating department practitioner Steve Richards, who uses his specialist medical knowledge and expertise to teach different learning groups and care for numerous patients.

With more than 50 years’ experience providing professional medical care, his three businesses provide a wide range of services including specialist medical cover for sports and other events, professional training courses and medical services in the home.

All training courses are delivered by HCPC registered paramedics and NMC registered nurses, nearly all event assignments are led by a paramedic team leader and all services in the home are managed by experienced healthcare professionals.

‘Caring for patients is a privilege. I always treat people as I would like to be treated. I’ve been fascinated by medical subjects since I was a child and dedicated my life to caring for people. Some people would say that I eat, sleep and breathe it.  I’m really pleased that three of my four children are also involved in patient care, as an A&E sister, senior physiotherapist and a charity hospital ship manager.’  Steve Richards, Alpha Medical

Steve’s enthusiasm and expert medical knowledge shines through when visiting his medical training centre in Ipswich where the majority of his courses are now delivered.  He was born and grew up in North London and became interested in the human body and first aid because his dad was in the British Red Cross.  Steve became a Red Cross Junior and later a volunteer for St John Ambulance, later becoming a President for the latter charity. 

Professional medical cover assignments covered by the Alpha Medical Group include major equestrian competitions, motor sports, school events and TV and film productions. Steve has provided event medical services for members of the Royal family and well-known films such as Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves and Henry V.  Steve was also one of the first people in the UK to run a private road and air ambulance service.  For some years, Alpha Medical conveyed more than 10,000 NHS and private patients each year both at home and abroad.  


Steve is concerned that anyone can offer so-called ‘first-aid courses’ without the necessary medical qualifications, experience or skills. He urges individuals and businesses to check that tutors are professionally qualified.  Since the HSE stopped regulating first-aid courses, there is no system in place to check instructors and training premises.

‘When it comes to medical training and care, there are no shortcuts.  Our instructors and personnel are experienced healthcare professionals and other qualified people who can be trusted.’  Steve Richards, Alpha Medical

In addition to its dedicated medical training centre, Steve uses Epsilon House Business Centre for its mail services and conference facilities when required.  

‘The Epsilon House Business Centre team have supported my businesses and me in every way possible.  They have always been professional and adapted to the needs of all three of my companies.  I am very pleased to recommend them unreservedly – especially Abi and Katie. I have always appreciated their personal service as it’s very flexible.  I look forward to doing more business with Masterlord in the future.’  Steve Richards, Alpha Medical

For more information please visit www.alpha-medical.co.uk or telephone 01473 499995 (24/7)  

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