Always a warm welcome

Always a warm welcome

11th May 2022

There’s a new face at Epsilon House with the arrival of Julie Barnes as our new receptionist.

Julie says, “I love meeting people as I’ve worked for over 17 years in customer-facing roles with a major insurance broker.  Moving to Epsilon House was perfect for me, I like being part of a small team, the work is so busy and varied with lots of new faces – plus I only work mornings!”

Born and raised in Ipswich, Julie is involved in activities at her local community centre and church in Castle Hill. Gardening is one of her passions outside work, and socialising of course.

“We’ve done fundraising for Ukraine at the community centre and sent boxes of much-needed supplies to Poland which then go to Ukraine. There’s a Polish school and occasional drop off centre for our Ukraine appeal. The church also offers meals for seniors, there’s always something interesting going on.”

Julie and her husband have lived in the same home for 30 years “so the garden is just how I want it now…not too much work,” she laughs.

During the pandemic, being furloughed was a new experience after being at the centre of a business, but she was soon back at work as personal contact is so important.

“It’s interesting to look after our ‘virtual’ Epsilon House tenants too, as I’m the first point of contact for people calling their business and have to ensure messages are taken professionally and passed on swiftly. Having a real person answer the phone makes a big difference, I think.”

Her 22-year-old daughter Chloe is training as a teacher.  Julie says there are a lot of people who have decided to take up teaching and put something back into the community.

“It’s a calling, working in education and seeing the effect you can have on young people.”

As Julie gets familiar with names and faces, drop by reception and say hello.

Find out more about our virtual office service here and click on Virtual & Flexi Space. 

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