Container king creates a stir

Container king creates a stir

23rd February 2022

With a BBC documentary and articles about his business in the Daily Telegraph and Bloomberg News, Jake Slinn is making international news as well as impressive profits from unwanted or abandoned cargoes.

At his office in Epsilon House at Masterlord Office Village, he’s just wrapping up a radio interview with Naga Munchetty for BBC Radio 5 Live.  All in a day’s work for this busy container salvage entrepreneur, who turned over £500,000 in the last year and is aiming to double it in 2022.  It’s a journey of discovery for the 22-year-old.

“Sometimes I’m not totally sure what’s in a container, whatever it says on the manifest,” explains Jake. As the lock is cut off and the doors creak open to reveal the contents, it’s better than an episode of Storage Wars, as he already owns the contents.  What he does with it is up to his company, J S Global Cargo and Freight Disposal.

In year three with his business, the deals are bigger as the reputation of Jake Slinn’s company grows and his ability to sell, recycle or destroy unwanted cargoes improves through his experience and an enviable contact book.

Some cargoes have to be destroyed, like 25 tonnes of lamb from Australia (refrigeration failed) or 52 containers of baled tyres returned from India. He’s currently handling everything from new clothing to plasterboard, and there are even samples of natural husk on his desk for testing.

The buzz of doing deals is what drives Jake: “I love doing deals every day, so everyone’s happy, the job’s done professionally and people are paid.”  Working with his brother Jez, getting advice from his recycling expert father and his mum doing accounts, it’s a family business.

“It’s all about relationships,” says Jake. “Work is coming to us now, as we’re better known and operate across the UK. Being close to Felixstowe Port is an advantage, too.”

He’s also sharing his passion and determination by talking to young people at Suffolk One, which he attended for a time after a difficult time at school.  A BBC documentary, We Are England: Bossing It, The Container King, showed Jake explaining to students how success comes in many forms and to never give up.

Who knows what lies ahead for this high-energy business as international trade recovers. Creating a profit out of unwanted freight needs dedication and skill, an eye for opportunities, and a reputation for getting the job done.

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