The jolly month of December!

The jolly month of December!

3rd December 2018

So the jolly month of December is upon us and here at the front desk it’s difficult not to get caught up with all the Christmas preparations going on.

Christmas presents are arriving- although, sadly, not yet jazzed up in sparkling paper!

Christmas cards are appearing in the box for the scouts to deliver and, possibly most exciting of all, are the letters to Father Christmas being posted on behalf of excited youngsters; sending off their dreams and wishes and spreading a little Christmas magic here at reception.


We will have to re- name the next blog as news from the back desk as I’m relocating while the front is repaired. The front frame is finally being replaced and new glass installed. I shall be like Harry Potter, tucked away under the stairs while the building work is carried out. Thankfully, unlike Harry, I won’t be sharing the space with any spiders!

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