Exciting Moves

Exciting Moves

26th July 2019

There are some new and returned faces around Epsilon House

We have said a sad goodbye to CF Social who have moved into a unit on the Village but have welcomed back James Arbon who has moved back into the building with his team at Complete Finance Solutions. We welcome JR Logistics who have moved into the ground floor & UFA who very quickly outgrew their first office and moved to a larger one. We have had a very busy month meaning we have also got to welcome Rascal Garms, Merchant Transport & William Lovlee.

Seeing our tenants grow and expand is always a joy so it is with pleasure we share that TR Design and Print have moved into a bigger office and Hurren and Hope have moved into the penthouse, they started out in our smallest office – it is exciting that they have now moved into one of the biggest!

Due to Hurren and Hope moving this opened up their old office which ABDS has taken advantage of and moved into Suite G with the double balcony. On the first floor TwoPointZeroIT have moved out into Beta terrace; which opened up Suite D perfectly for Port Side Solutions

Finally, Behram Khan has taken our last Co-Club space.

As you can see we have had a very busy couple of months but it’s lovely to see companies growing and new ones starting.

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