Exploiting the eCommerce explosion

Exploiting the eCommerce explosion

13th June 2023

Exploiting the eCommerce explosion

Identifying a gap in any market requires vision, skill and resources.  Tom Rees, founder of award-winning WIRO at Epsilon House, saw a rapidly rising demand for eCommerce growth services and pivoted his business from design and print agency to become experts in the eCommerce industry and, more specifically, Shopify. 

The pandemic drove online sales, with huge growth as more companies moved to an eCommerce model.  Conventional high-street retail premises still have their place, but almost everyone also buys online, worth $5.4 trillion in worldwide sales last year.    

“We wanted to improve the customer experience of our brands and merchants by providing custom-built sites on Shopify.  Improving the customer experience can be the difference between a brand converting 0.1% more. If that’s an established enterprise brand, that could be hundreds of thousands in additional revenue,” Tom explains. “We work with home and furniture direct-to-consumer brands, health, beauty and fashion, and are expanding into luxury and premium brands.”

WIRO’s dynamic and rapid growth has won them industry-leading status from European eCommerce Awards, UK Dev Awards and UK Agency Awards. Their standing in the industry is impressive for a company that only moved into the eCommerce sphere in the last four years. 


An eCommerce site isn’t 100% development when you approach an agency, it’s a mix of design, strategy, testing and development. Tom and his team provide off-the-shelf packages to suit any size of budget. Tailored theme builds allow his team to speed up and simplify the build process. It also allows brands to focus their budget on design and strategy, rather than dedicating their budget to development and testing.

Says Tom, “Many clients believe they need everything built from scratch for their brand to feel ‘customised’. Often that’s not the case. It’s actually counter-intuitive to the process, usually slowing it down.  For a smaller brand, getting to market quickly is imperative for success, so we’ve invested heavily in developing configurable off-the-shelf solutions and a core framework. This gives a swifter route to market with improved functionality.”

WIRO is still growing, with clients including Swyft, Piglet in Bed, Wattbike, Kick Game, Wright Bros, Skin Rocks & MJ Jones. Another project manager is joining to deliver client success and run their growth retainers. Tom is also building out a sales & marketing team.

“Any website has to work well for the client and the customer, so we’re very process driven to provide a seamless experience.”

Piglet in Bed


Epsilon House has been the agency’s home over a period of time, as space demands have changed.

“We have complete flexibility here, moving into an office or changing offices is really simple. Being part of a business community is important too,” adds Tom.

For more information: www.wiro.agency 

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