February Treats

February Treats

22nd February 2019

The end of winter is in sight! The sun is shining, mornings are lighter and I head into work with a little spring in my step.


The lovely short little burst of February can feel a relief after the drawn out month of January.

Love is also in the air this month the Valentine’s Day, reception was decorated with love hearts and red roses and there were several deliveries of flowers and chocolates to the building.


I joined Abi for a walk around the estate, delivering heart sweets and talking with tenants. It made a lovely change to get out from behind the desk and I discovered a hidden gem for wine lovers on the estate. Alchemy Wines in Beta 3 who are well worth talking to if you are hosting a party, wedding or other celebration with a cellar in Calais where larger volumes can be collected.


You can also pop into to see them and purchase a bottle, they have a wide selection- none of which you would find in the supermarket!




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