Flexible Working Solutions and Covid Safety here at Masterlord, Ipswich

Flexible Working Solutions and Covid Safety here at Masterlord, Ipswich

18th January 2021

How do you feel about going back to the office in a post-lockdown world? Confused, worried and apprehensive? Or maybe you fall on the side of feeling positive, keen and eager to get back to normality? There are many unknowns and challenges ahead, which could derail even the most positive person. However, with a little careful thinking you can make your return to the office as smooth as possible.


That’s why Suffolk’s premier office village, Masterlord, provides office space with flexible contracts as well as a 30-day notice period.  We see it as being in business together. We’re always flexible, helping small businesses adapt to changing circumstances and find a solution that suits them, without over-committing at a time when the future is unclear. Our friendly, collaborative approach is why we’re home to leading companies large and small, right here on the huge Ransomes Europark.


When we begin transitioning back to life in the office things are going to look and feel quite different to how they were throughout 2020. Everyone’s situation will be unique. However, despite the disruption that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, the office still has a fundamental role to play in the future of businesses of every shape and size.


Of all the businesses we’ve spoken to, home working is not the cure-all some articles proclaim it to be. Some workers are far less productive at home than in the office while video conferencing can be a poor substitute for face-to-face meetings with clients, colleagues and management.



Home working

For some people, working from home has given them a work-life balance they’ve never had, while others have felt isolated or stressed and miss the camaraderie and social interaction that comes from office working.

Says Masterlord’s Abbi Dawson:

“We’ve found that many of our tenants enjoy coming into the office to see friendly faces, even if for a few days a week. We always offer flexible solutions for businesses to make their work as easy as possible, and have remained open throughout lockdowns and different tier restrictions, looking after essential workers and others.”



Your own business premises

Small businesses with long-term office contracts do not have flexibility when they really need it. It’s not just rent to worry about, there are also bills for security, utilities, furniture, internet and phone services.

For employers, it is a physical space to bring people together, coordinate activity and output and boost creativity. For employees, it facilitates face-to-face interaction and allows for mentoring and managing in a way that home working cannot replicate. Even after the recent successes of working from home, after the pandemic, very few employees want to continue with home working full time.


A few of the benefits of a rented office space include:

  • Motivation – For most people, working in an office surrounded by colleagues who are working towards a common goal helps them focus and pushes them to succeed.
  • Support and training – Working from home can be incredibly isolating, particularly for workers who need support or are new to the role and require training. Many workers need guidance and want a sense of belonging that only office working can bring. 
  • Communication – Not everyone is a great communicator via email, over the phone or on video conferencing. An office allows people to communicate in a way that suits them. Research suggests that face-to-face communication can be 34 times more effective than a text-based conversation.



Office spaces are changing 

There is little doubt that Covid-19 is going to accelerate changes in office use and the type of arrangements and facilities businesses will look for when choosing rented office spaces. Previously, factors such as inflexible and long-term contractual agreements and the costs associated with setting up an office were reasons why some small businesses may have favoured a home working arrangement.


We provide flexible renting options and terms and conditions that can meet the changing needs of businesses. Work-ready offices remove the costs and time associated with setting up an office, while our on-site nursery facilities allow you to better manage any childcare requirements your teams may have. 


Perhaps most importantly, Covid-19 has made the health and wellbeing of employees a priority. We provide facilities such as an onsite cafe, modern, well-lit offices with a greater focus on space and a thermal detection camera on entry for reassurance and peace of mind. This is our on-going commitment to our tenants’ safety. 



Covid-safe serviced office spaces

The rollout of the coronavirus vaccine provides increased hope that small businesses will soon be able to return to something approaching normal. With the flexible contracts and excellent facilities offered here at Masterlord Office Village, you can welcome the new normal in an office space where every safety precaution has been taken and your business is supported as it recovers and grows.  

So what are the flexible solutions at Masterlord? 

– We offer shared office space without tying your business into a long-term contractual agreement. It’s affordable and puts you at the heart of a supportive business community in a fully equipped office.  


  • With a notice period of just 30 days, our tenants have the peace of mind to be able to adapt to a constantly changing business environment, reducing risk and capital expenditure.
  • Flexible contracts or monthly rolling agreements allow small businesses to find a workspace solution that suits them now, and gives the agility to upsize if you need more space.
  • We offer the fastest broadband speeds in the area and a range of telephone options. This, plus free parking, a popular onsite café and even a nursery for the little ones, makes us a unique choice in Suffolk.


You can check our availability and take advantage of our exclusive ‘try before you buy’ deal. Just pay £100 to rent an office for a week and we’ll refund the money in full if you enter into one of our flexible contracts. We’re here for you!


To find out more about the shared office space and serviced offices that we offer, please call our friendly team on 01473 276118 or email info@masterlord.co.uk.

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