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Happy Globe

14th May 2019

Happy Globe

It is impossible to turn on the TV or open a newspaper and not be hit with the worry of climate change. The impact of human activities on the world’s natural balance has never been more apparent.

The human populace is now armed with the knowledge of the need for change- for our own long-term survival as well as the planet. Yet in a world so focused on growth how can we balance the planet’s requirements, the need for natural space, for forests, for rivers, for prairies, along with the human requirement for space for houses, for farming, for development?

The scale of the issues are overwhelming yet there are those working to change and influence what they can and Happy Globe are one of them, and we are fortunate enough to have them as a tenant.

Founded in Felixstowe Happy Globe are committed to raising awareness of our negative effects on the planet and are active in their efforts to reverse them.

Recently they were in Ghana where they donated hand tools to an orphanage and taught them how to use them- giving them the ability to maintain their home. While there they carried out 3 beach cleans removing over 100kg of rubbish from the beach of Jamestown.

Closer to home they are working to promote the importance of bees, highlighting how 52% of solitary bees have been lost in the past 5 years and how 4 species of bumblebees have become extinct. Considering it is believed that one third of our food relies on pollination from bees these losses are concerning. Happy Globe have built a bee hive out of cedar and will soon be maintaining an active bee hive. They are also hosting events with scout groups educating them on the importance of bees and even providing bee badges.


Their next project is with Latin American Sea Turtle Conservation. Happy Globe have designed and built a reusable and affective sea turtle hatchery- they will be returning in June to see the turtles hatching!

Happy Globe’s work is inspiring and we will be following and sharing their achievements and events. If you are interested to know more about their work visit their website



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