Insight Energy

Insight Energy

10th August 2021

Founded by two brothers, Adam and Kristian Day, Insight Energy is a joint venture that aims to have a positive impact in the world.

As parents they often ask themselves what the future will be like for their children, and how they can make it better. This question was the inspiration for what they wanted to do.

Growing up and living in a world which is sustainable must be high on the agenda. So, they set out to combine their skills and passion to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Adam’s background is in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering (MEP). Kristian’s expertise is in marketing and sales.  During lockdown they researched opportunities in the renewable energy sector and Insight Energy was born. “I couldn’t do this without him, and he couldn’t do it without me!” says Kristian.

With everyone conscious of climate change, carbon footprint and renewable energy, Insight Energy’s holistic approach offers air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations to both domestic and commercial clients.


‘There’s a heightened awareness to save energy and resources, go green, be sustainable and reduce waste. With new-build homes, they will have solar panels to generate power, heat pumps to deliver low carbon heating, battery storage and an electric vehicle charging point to charge their cars.  Electric and hybrid cars are the future, they’re everywhere now, and they all need charging stations.  Solar panels are efficient and can generate income by feeding power into the national grid. And heat pumps offer a low carbon heating solution that can be four times as efficient as a traditional gas boiler.’

Kristian Day, Insight Energy  

Insight Energy aims to be accredited with The Carbon Trust, a sign that the company is committed to providing sustainable energy resources. Quality control, compliance and accreditation for all installations are vital elements of the company’s future success. The company has Trustmark, NAPIT, RECC and MCS certification, providing reassurance to residential and commercial customers.

After initially operating the business at their homes, Adam and Kristian decided a serviced office at Epsilon House was essential for growth.  With Masterlord’s rooftop solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations, the estate is already aligned with Insight Energy’s mission.

‘There’s a great business community at Epsilon House, with all the resources we need. Moving in was simplicity itself. We looked at a number of options, but Masterlord was by far the best. There’s a professional atmosphere, they have a good reputation and I can park my electric Mini right outside!’
Kristian Day, Insight Energy

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