Katies Return

Katies Return

13th July 2020

I will admit myself a little relieved that I was able to continue working through lockdown. Happy even to have a reason to stick to a routine and escape the house. That was until I had a small ridiculous slip on seaweed, my balance went, my ankle rolled one way, my weight went another and an audible snap was heard. It hurt! Waves of nausea and light-headedness flowed through me.

The swelling was immediate, my ankle the size of a small grapefruit and we are on a beach, miles from the car park and not easily accessible! We managed to get to a bench which was close by, with me propped between my partner and son, but it became apparent from the pain that I would not be able to go any further.

My ankle now looked like a baking potato was stuck to the side of it and the possibility of a break was on our minds.

Unsure what to do my partner called his friend David Coyle, who not only happens to be a tenant of Epsilon House but is also a member of Suffolk Search and Rescue. He says he will come and see if he can help. As I was growing increasingly faint my partner also called an ambulance. Speaking to the dispatcher it became clear getting me off the beach may not be straightforward!

David arrived a short time later and with him another member of Suffolk Search and Rescue. Finding an open gate, he was able to drive through the nature reserve and down to the beach. He strapped my leg (his work drawing compliments from the surgeon when I reached the hospital) and between them and my partner lifted me to the car and drove me out, meeting the ambulance at the car park. Turned out the paramedics would not have been able to get me off the beach and we could have faced a long wait for a specialist team!

I made it to the hospital and after a very short wait in A&E it was confirmed that there were two broken bones. Surgery and hospital stays are never pleasant, so I will not bore you with those details!

After several weeks of being stuck at home it was a joy to return to work, to have some routine and sense of normality back. Yet it was also like starting a new job. Although much is the same, a lot of changes have occurred in response to the pandemic.

It felt strange to sit behind a clear perspex screen, and to see all the signs telling people to stay two metres apart. The biggest change is the infra- red camera, that has certainly taken a little getting used to! Remembering to tell people to stand on the red spot: it feels rude to be looking the other way!

I can certainly relate to people who, during the first three months of the pandemic, have not been able to work in the office and are now returning.  I’m right there with you – but for a different reason!  Working from home is a new experience for many, but it’s great to be back behind the desk at Epsilon House.  Good to see so many of you: welcome home!

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