Masterlord snow day!

Masterlord snow day!

17th February 2021

There is a little Robin that lives in a tree behind Epsilon House, watching him hop about in the snow is like a scene straight off a Christmas card!


Snow, that wonderful layer of white stuff that brings almost everything to a standstill…except us of course! We have been here as much as has been possible during the whiteout and if not here in person we have worked from home to ensure our tenant’s calls are answered and messages passed on.




Well done to all who braved the roads to make it into the office, although as the week went on the roads were kinder than the pavements. I know getting to my car from my house was like crossing an ice rink!


Thankfully, the temperatures are rising and the snow and ice melting, signs of spring are starting to fight their way through. Here is to warmer weather, brighter evenings and getting nearer to an end of this lockdown.


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