My Travels

My Travels

13th August 2019

I have struggled with ideas of what to write about this month! Having spent half the month away from my desk when I try to think of what has happened this month my mind goes to my holiday- so I have decided to write about that!


I spent 15 fabulous days in Canada, spending time with family, travelling through the Rockies and ending up in Vancouver. We saw a moose chilling out on the Prairies, an Elk eating someone’s lawn for breakfast in Jasper, mountain goats using cars for back scratching at Mirette’s Hot Springs, and bears we were incredible lucky to see so many on one trip- a grand total of 10 black bears. OK so three sightings were of mamma bears with 2 cubs but who wants to stress those small details!


Our first sighting turned an otherwise disappointing day around- we had headed out with the intention of seeing the fabulous Lake Louise however its place on the must-see list worked against us. The car park was full, the overflow car park was full and although we were able to park in the RV parking, the two hours thirty-minute que for the shuttle bus had us searching for an alternative.


So off to Banff we drove!

But Banff was also heaving, crowds of people milling around the small town, cars in every direction; and after circling the town twice and finding no vacant parking we left!


But we did see a bear!


Jasper was a lot quieter, even though the population had swollen from four thousand to over twenty as us tourists flock into see the beauty of the place! And it is beautiful. It was here we saw the elk and more bears – and crazy tourists getting out of their cars to take pictures of the mamma bear and her cubs! One man was inching so close we believed we were going to witness a bear attack! Park services drove along though and ended up scaring the bear away as the man just would not get back in his car… you have to wonder about some people’s sanity- I certainly wouldn’t like to have been on the receiving end of a swipe of those claws!

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