Popping out to the shops or bank? Pick up a Masterbike at reception!

Popping out to the shops or bank? Pick up a Masterbike at reception!

29th July 2020

Popping out to the shops or bank? Pick up a Masterbike at reception! 

Keep fit with eco bicycles at Masterlord

On yer bike: cycling is in the news!  We’re giving everyone a head start by offering tenants FREE short-term use of our fabulous new Masterlord bicycles to get everyone fit on our eco-friendly transport.

Popup cycle lanes are appearing in Ipswich, there are Government incentives to get on two wheels, so what better time to get biking – on us!  Our four stylish new blue Masterbikes are rebuilt Royal Mail postal bikes – all originally hand-made in the UK and now getting a new lease of life.

“Each bike’s professionally restored and there’s another bonus to this scheme,” explains Masterlord’s Alison Smith.  “For each one we buy, another is rebuilt by Cycle of Good and sent to Malawi for local people to use. It’s a fantastic scheme they call Elephant Bike.”

Riding a piece of English heritage around Ipswich is the only way to travel, with the distinctive basket upfront for anything you need to carry!

“Racing bikes and fold-up bikes are great, but on these postie bikes you can enjoy riding a true British classic, it’s got style!” adds Katie from the front desk: she’s already road-tested it.

Alison Smith thinks everyone should get on two wheels: “If you’re heading to the shops, the café or even into town, it’s eco-friendly, you don’t have to pay to park and you’re supporting local retailers!  As the bikes were originally built for Royal Mail, they’re virtually indestructible and have been reconditioned from the handlebars to the wheels. All you have to do is collect one from reception.

“Everyone’s talking about keeping fit in our new socially distanced world. With our Masterbikes you can keep fit, help the environment and give a gift to less fortunate people in Africa.”

Check at Reception about availability as currently it’s first-come, first served.  A new cycle rack will appear soon and we’re hoping to offer weekend use in the future.

Now’s the time to get on yer bike: try one today!

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