Serviced Offices: Why First Impressions Count

Serviced Offices: Why First Impressions Count

23rd February 2021

We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that in business, we invariably do. You could run a meticulous business that provides outstanding customer service at every turn, but if you work out of a spare room, garage or kitchen, that’s not always the first impression prospective clients or customers will get. 

At Masterlord Office Village, we’re delighted to provide the self-employed, startups and small businesses with professional office space that makes them look the part. We even offer virtual office services, so you can give customers the impression that you’re a more established business than you are

Here are five reasons why moving to a serviced office will help you create the best possible first impression for your customers. 


Be where your customers are

The lack of a commute may be one of the biggest benefits of working from home for you, but what about your customers? For them, travelling to meet you at home or in a nearby coffee shop may not always be convenient. Alternatively, if you travel to meet your clients, you’ll simply be replacing the commute with more travelling for meetings. That’s one reason why having an office in a central location can be such a benefit. 

With a serviced office in Masterlord Office Village, you’re right at the heart of the action. You’ll be surrounded by a thriving business community that’s home to some of the region’s most dynamic and successful companies. You’ll also benefit from excellent transport links to London and the nearby cities of Norwich and Cambridge. 

Satisfy consumer psychology

There are a whole host of psychological factors that influence your customers’ buying behaviour. Simply seeing a home address listed on your website or business card could be enough to make prospective customers doubt the credibility of your business. Similarly, meeting you in a coffee shop or at your home may make them doubt whether you have the resources or experience to deliver the products or services as expected.

When you rent a serviced office at Masterlord Office Village, you’ll benefit from a professional reception service to welcome your guests. You’ll also have access to our meeting rooms and boardroom, with an on-site IT support team to help you with audio conferencing, video conferencing and any other technological requirements. That’s everything you need to create the best possible first impression.


Build trust

Trust is one of the most important factors in your relationship with customers and clients, and having a professional appearance plays a big part. While small businesses offer a whole host of benefits, there’s also a certain amount of reassurance that comes from working with an established business that has seen it and done it before.

Our serviced offices can help you build your business’s profile to show that you run a trustworthy and credible company. But that’s not the only trust-building service we offer. If you’re on a budget, our virtual office solutions give you a professional business presence without having to rent and occupy a physical space. That helps to create the illusion of being a larger company than you are. 

Create a seamless process

Customers and clients want to deal with businesses that they can work with easily and effectively without any glitches. When working from home, you can miss calls from clients, suffer from broadband outages and struggle with your technology. At Masterlord Office Village, that’s not something you have to worry about. 

All of our serviced offices have fixed and wireless broadband connections offering 300Mb/s, with upgrades available if required. There’s also an IT team on-site, so you can get fast support whenever you need it. We also offer a professional call answering service to make sure you never miss a call. The result is a business that’s raring to go, whenever your customers need it. 


Provide recommendations

Another benefit of working in a serviced office surrounded by other thriving businesses is the ability to recommend other products and services to your customers. By networking with other businesses in the area, you’ll understand what they can do and how they might be able to assist your clients. From the customer’s point of view, that will establish your position as a trusted resource and help to build the credibility of your business. 


The next step for your small business

Moving to a serviced office will help you to create the best possible first impression for your customers and deliver an outstanding level of service. Check our availability online or get in touch to discuss your workspace requirements with our team.

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