The magic of discovery for little ones

The magic of discovery for little ones

7th July 2022

Curiosity, the magic of discovery and a friendly, relaxed vibe are at the heart of ABC Wonderland’s child-care.  You sense it as soon as you walk into the welcoming environment at Masterlord’s K-Line House. With many years’ experience in child-care, Alex Ataide and her team have an innovative, multicultural approach that engages and inspires young minds, from babies to five year olds.

 “We build confidence and a sense of belonging, using a range of play activities that get everyone involved. We help to prepare them for school by building resilience, understanding feelings and emotions and how to relate to others. Children didn’t have a chance to play and interact with others during the pandemic, that’s an important part of their development. We allow them to choose what play they do, not impose it.”

The passion and expert knowledge of her team sets ABC Wonderland apart.  Alex has a Masters degree in early years childhood, and imbues everyone with her enthusiasm and team ethos.

“Eating together is an important part of the day,” says Alex.  “From a healthy breakfast to lunch and snacks, nearly everything is freshly prepared (by husband Luis) and the children are always involved. They make their own smoothies, choose their own cereal and see how everything is put together. We have food from all over the world, recently from Portugal, Poland and the USA, so they’re introduced to new flavours and textures. It’s a foodie adventure!”

Assessing each child’s progress regularly in this OFSTED rated nursery allows staff to observe and see where a child may need support.  Parents also get regular feedback.

With drama, dressing up, a puppet theatre and the hugely popular mud-kitchen and water play on offer, it’s no surprise that the children are engaged and happy. They have separate areas for ages up to 1, between 1 and 2 and from 3 to 5. 

The qualified staff feed in ideas all the time: this is child-care that is always looking forward, building on the theory that team members learn at college to develop fresh approaches.

For more information:

Alex Ataide, ABC Wonderland

Tel: 01473 554476

Unit 5, K-Line House

Masterlord Office Village





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