Working magic with words

Working magic with words

2nd March 2023

Working magic with words

Words can create magic in a drama or comedy, or immerse us in a novel’s fictional world. But it requires a different set of skills to write compelling copy for business, particularly for social media. That’s where new Epsilon House tenants Magic Word Media have focused their creative talents (notice how their name tells the whole story!)

Their website talks of wizards and sorcerers, but not the Harry Potter kind. The team are copywriters with specialist skills to craft words that entertain, engage, persuade and, yes, sell.

National newspaper journalist Simon Young brings a fresh perspective to content and social media from his 20-year career in regional and national newspapers. Simon was news editor of the East Anglian Daily Times before becoming head of news and assistant editor at the Sunday Express.

He changed direction as head of content for one of the world’s largest online gaming companies, combining journalism with content creation and digital marketing. With a unique skillset, his own company was a natural progression, now employing four media specialists.

“We can provide anything from copy for a new website, blogs and brochures to social media management – anything that involves words,” Simon explains.

Choosing Epsilon House, with an office right next to reception, was a good fit: “It’s a great business community and a good location.  As we continue to grow, there’s flexibility with Masterlord to move to larger offices.”

For social media, building engagement is key: “It’s 80% engagement, 20% selling,” Simon advises.  “People buy from people, so we like to show the human side of our clients’ businesses.  Working with a company’s social media, we put ourselves in their customers’ shoes. We keep it relaxed and informal, have fun with it.”

Tailoring social media content for each platform, with posts that engage and encourage people to like or comment, attracts a wider audience and builds communities.

“Regular posting is essential,” Simon adds.  “The value of using our company is that it releases client time to spend on other priorities and we get better results. It’s about convenience and expertise, all wrapped into one package.”

His company works across diverse market sectors including logistics, estate agents, online gaming and a leading Suffolk golf club.  As newspaper circulations take a nosedive, even with online platforms replacing print, every company needs to engage online to remain relevant and competitive.  Simon Young believes that his wordsmiths can provide a creative solution for any business.

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