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Masterlord snow day!

By Angela Prichard,

There is a little Robin that lives in a tree behind Epsilon House, watching him hop about in the snow is like a scene straight off a Christmas card!


Snow, that wonderful layer of white stuff that brings almost everything to a standstill…except us of course! We have been here as much as has been possible during the whiteout and if not here in person we have worked from home to ensure our tenant’s calls are answered and messages passed on.




Well done to all who braved the roads to make it into the office, although as the week went on the roads were kinder than the pavements. I know getting to my car from my house was like crossing an ice rink!


Thankfully, the temperatures are rising and the snow and ice melting, signs of spring are starting to fight their way through. Here is to warmer weather, brighter evenings and getting nearer to an end of this lockdown.


New Members of the Masterlord Community

By Angela Prichard,

front desk

Last January, we celebrated the start of a new decade, looked forward with optimism to the year ahead, wished everyone a prosperous year. Normal sentiments used by many to kick-start us back into the routine of work and life. Just another year…or so we thought.


The world is now one of distance, lockdowns, masks, and temperature checks. Of staying home as much as possible.


But what about those times that being at home is not ideal, like when you have an important Zoom call, but the kids and the dog will not leave you alone?


Our team can help! We have installed a new Video Screen in the boardroom at Epsilon House Business Center to make Zoom or Teams meetings easier. We also have space available if you just require a room away from distractions.



Our infra-check the temperature of all that enter the building, and all high touch areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day.


With such a strange storm swirling around us all I am pleased to be able to end our January update on a positive note. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to, Black Dog Cyber Ltd, Plumb Proud Ipswich Ltd, Armour Consultants, DS Recruitment and Tammie Bloom Group. All who have moved into the building over the last few months.


Looking for your next office space? We have a team of people ready to help you find the right space for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

The Infra-red Camera, Temperature Checks and our Front Desk Jokes

By Angela Prichard,

Here at Masterlord, it’s our priority to ensure our tenants are happy and safe as they return to work. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile and installed extra measures to protect against COVID-19.

Our infra-red camera, installed at the reception of Epsilon House, checks your temperature as you enter; many of our tenants have voiced that they feel we are doing all we can to make the building as safe as possible.

Swift and painless, a short pause is all that is needed, and your temperature flashes up within seconds.

Smart technology that can tell your temperature accurately even if you ran or cycled into work.

Some people smile as they peer into the lens, others pull a funny face, a few ask if they are too hot and must go home.

It has morphed into part of our morning script, a shared joke as to whether you can enter the building; so far no one has needed to be turned away.

It does make a guess at your age though and is not always correct (so don’t take this personally!). One doesn’t mind when it takes years off but when it adds years on…The one small downside to this amazing piece of technology.